Musik untuk Album Soundtrack Film Rememory (2017) disusun oleh Gregory Tripi. Album ini dirilis di iTunes pada tanggal 8 September 2017. Album ini diisi dengan 30 lagu di dalamnya. Berikut daftar lagu yang ada di dalamnya.

"Daftar Kumpulan Lagu Soundtrack Film Rememory (2017)"
Daftar Kumpulan Lagu Soundtrack Film Rememory (2017)

1. Memory Is the Ultimate Definer
2. The Truth of Their Lives
3. Everything in Its Right Place
4. You F****d up My Head
5. A True Pioneer
6. Unfulfilled Dreams
7. Stealing Memories
8. Role of the Psychologist
9. Meet Your Group
10. That's My Life
11. Thank You Charles
12. She Was Too Fragile
13. Time Collapse
14. Diorama
15. Does Your Heart Rate Increase?
16. Every Memory Became Clouded
17. Resolution
18. Our Day
19. The Mind Forgets Things
20. You're Not Here
21. His Name Is Samuel Bloom
22. See the Real Castles
23. I Want to Try It
24. If You Want Your Memories Back
25. Memory Loop
26. It's Time
27. I Can't Understand What You're Saying
28. Gordon's Final Memory
29. Whoever You Really Are
30. Go Ahead, Close Your Eyes

Lagu di bawah ini tidak dimasukkan ke dalam Album Soundtrack Film Rememory (2017), namun ditampilkan di dalam film tersebut:
  1. The National - Mistaken for Strangers
  2. The National - Heavenfaced

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