New Business Ideas for 2021

New Business Ideas for 2021

Sadly, life can hardly be called easy for most people. Every time, running through interviews, enduring regular salary delays at work, and adjusting to the tyrant boss, we grit our teeth and dream of the day when we will be able to work not for someone, but for ourselves. Of course, without initial serious investments, large earnings can be expected for years, but there are a number of business ideas that do not require the impossible for themselves initially, and the income is quite stable.

Of course, if you devote enough time to the case and make the most of your efforts and talent. After all, under a lying stone, as you know …

Today we will talk about several types of such activities, which, judging by the analysis of the existing information field and the forecasts of psychologists and economists, will be relevant in 2021, as well as how to do this in principle.

Where to go?

Firstly, it is necessary to decide on the general specifics of the case, satisfying the wishes of the newly-made businessman, his capabilities, and also taking into account the market conditions.

And you should start trying to balance between the three chairs by answering the question, what you can. No, not what you want. You may want to work an hour a day, and get at least a piece of bucks for it. Or want to teach how to fold from Lego robots, but who needs it?

For an impartial assessment of your capabilities, it is better not to reinvent the wheel, but to use the good old advice of psychologists: take a piece of paper and rewrite all your skills and abilities.

From the resulting list, mercilessly cross out everything that is not able to bring money. Then it will be impossible to find a target audience of normal size. And, finally, from the dry residue, highlight with a marker everything that you would like to do constantly, or, at least, regularly.

Here, by the way, you can give it another shot and try to kill all the birds in the woods, taking into account the specifics of loading for a particular case. This means, for example, if you decide to engage in, say, tutoring, it is unlikely that someone will come to you in summer holidays.

At this time, you can productively engage in even the same conservation on an industrial scale with the subsequent sale, or master some other seasonal work.

Acceptable sacrifices

The specific list of available financially profitable occupations still needs to be sifted to see if you will be able to do it in the long run.

For many at work and making money, the light did not come together like a wedge, and if an extra couple of hundred bucks a month would mean a complete abandonment of raising children, for example, refusing to communicate with family, rest, or personal growth, it is better to look for something else that requires fewer victims.

After all, at first, you will be filled with enthusiasm and delight from the opened money prospects, and then all this will endlessly weigh on you since the negative will inevitably outweigh the advantages.

The plan is the staff of life

This is only in fairy tales, as soon as poor Cinderella cries about her bitter fate, the good Godmother appears, waving her wand, and quickly supplies the orphan with a luxurious wardrobe, and a luxurious vehicle, and relieves her of routine work.

This clearly does not shine for us, so we will have to take on everything on our own, and if we involve someone from the outside, then clearly stipulating the area of ​​responsibility, income, and involvement of all participants in the process.

Therefore, no matter how corny it sounds, a plan is needed.

Consequently, on the back of the piece of paper that helped us choose what exactly we will do, we begin to scrupulously write a simplified business plan (by the way, if you then have to ask for someone's financial or labor assistance, it will then greatly help to reason everything correctly).

The first point of any business plan is always a description of the subject of our classes, all the nuances, and features, with an approximate indication of the vector of development and vision of all this in a year or two, or even further.

For example, we want to sell exclusive handmade furniture. So, we write this way: 2021 - production of up to one (roughly) unit of products per week, 2022 - involvement of Nick's brother in the process with an increase in production to two items, 2023 - organization of a small artel of five people, etc.

Either we are quite satisfied with one table a week until old age since we have another channel of income, or we sell everything at such a price that this is enough for us. All people are different, as are their ambitions, needs, and temperament.

Someone can only work on his own, someone's own business inevitably turns into a manager over time, someone continues to create with their own hands, and management trusts someone - there, of course, there can be no single recipe.

After the strategic defining block of this plan, it would be logical to outline the circle of everything in order to start doing this: place, tools, helpers (if needed), supplies and materials, information, etc.

It is very useful right at this stage, if it requires investments, at least to calculate their order.

And, finally, the last will be a description of how we, in fact, are going to advertise for our activities: word of mouth and "work for our friends", posting ads in the district/city, submitting them to access media, work through social networks, creating our own website with its subsequent promotion, etc.

If you do not have personal appropriate skills and capabilities, or if you have a good friend Samaritan who is ready to do this for you, you should not resort to the last point right away, as it will require money. But, in the plans, such a development of events must be kept in check, because today there is nowhere without the Internet.

But social networks, acquaintances, and physical ads on their home territory-everything can do it. Here we have to start with them.

Moreover, at this stage, it is advisable to estimate the rate of customer search, so that later you will not be disappointed immediately if the orders do not fall like overripe cherries from a branch.

And finally, the final step in drawing up a business plan will be to calculate the expected profits. Approximate, of course. From which we must not forget to subtract all the operating costs described above.

Several specific ideas

Sometimes it happens that you can and can do too much, but I'm not sure whether the product will find its buyer. Then it is better to study in advance what promises to become popular, for example, in the next 2021, and may be interesting to very many.

So, no one doubts that the provision of services to the population will always be in demand, so if you know how to do massage, visage, manicure, cook or bake well, on a short leg with needlework or hairdressing, you will always find yourself a job and a part-time job, and then the main source of income.

This also includes all repair services, construction, transportation, and much, much more, as well as tutoring and work as a nanny for a child, a nurse.

In addition, intermediary services are always on the forefront of demand: you can start your own elementary legal practice, helping people register a business and resolve issues on it, deal with obtaining documents, permits, etc., find clients for someone through their own channels, purchase goods through wholesale speakers and sell them to someone more expensive …

And, finally, one should not forget about such a global, multifunctional, and completely unlimited in its possibilities and temptations field like the Internet. Here you can create your own sites, earn money on them, provide freelance services in design, copywriting, programming, and many other areas.

Now let's specifically try to give free rein to fantasy, correlating it with real economic indicators and opinion polls, dividing, for convenience, the entire list by categories of interests.

Creative work

Hand-made is our everything, and DIY is our earthly compass! It is with such slogans that so many talented behind-the-scenes designers go through life, whose hands grow from the right place, who are not afraid to dream, invent and see in things that others would never see.

Their houses turn into exhibition complexes for every holiday, and even in ordinary everyday life they cause envy with all sorts of original things. They do not understand why they should buy new furniture, if they can make an object of art out of the old one, by slightly conjuring over its appearance.

If all this is about you, you should know that you are incredibly lucky, because you can simultaneously realize the chance not to raise your head for days from your adored work, and at the same time all your ideas can find their embodiment, and it is quite nice to receive, moreover, for your work.

Don't believe me? Somehow, ask how much a designer wreath costs for the New Year, for example ... And, by the way, in 2021, the boom of decorating one's life with such things is not going to dry up in any way, but not everyone has the ability to do this …

Decor as a service, not a subject. Yes, yes, it's nothing surprising - many have money, but they are not able to decorate their house or a hall for a celebration, any other place, for various reasons.

And they can be helped by private designers who are ready to develop the design of an apartment or cottage, the concept of a wedding ceremony, graduation, anniversary or any other celebration.

The main thing is to be able to combine colors and objects, to have a host of ideas in stock that are constantly replenishing your list with new products, to be aware of fashion trends and trends.

The photo. The entire planet is now being photographed. Day and night. Let's get drunk. Completely non-stop. Your loved ones and everything that surrounds you.

Now you can get a lot for good pictures by selling them to special data banks, as well as to design companies and publishing houses. At the mundane level, from lamers in photo editors, you can get, albeit a little, but constantly.

And finally, no one canceled traditional photo shoots in educational institutions, weddings, creating portfolios by designers and models, ordering photos to advertise everything and everything, etc. In a word, a gold mine, the need for which is growing exponentially.


Host, animator, party organizer. You will not believe how busy the schedule of a toastmaster or DJ is …

People will always strive to have fun, celebrate, and have fun taking their time, and if you like being in the center of events have a well-tuned voice and good looks, you know how to grab the attention of the public and do not get tired of pleasing it for hours, and you also have a lot of ideas for scenarios, competitions, and speeches - this business idea will certainly appeal to you.

Then, by the way, it is easy to develop it into a full-fledged “turnkey” party organization company, hiring designers, decorators, musicians and other necessary assistants. By the way, this also includes the organization of dates - now many people are looking for this. Eh, romance, romance …

Opening quest rooms. A very popular type of leisure today. And, in fact, all that is needed for this is to remove some basement or a piece of any building, and you can even arrange it with your own hands in the appropriate specifics by coming up with tasks and a script.

It can be modified for games in the style of "treasure hunt", and, not only indoors, but also on the street, forcing those who wish by car or on foot to move (and have paid you rather big money!) To the cherished goal.

Guide services and other tourist chips. You can't even imagine how popular it is, especially in places where people come by themselves and do not know how to organize their leisure time with interest and benefit.

Yes, and locals sometimes like to float their children to get to know their native land, or they themselves plan to discover something hitherto unknown in their hometown. You can also sell all kinds of souvenirs in public places, and even make them personally.

Hand work

Repair of everything and everyone. If you are not against hard physical labor, everyone calls your hands golden, and accuracy and diligence can only be applauded while standing, this field is definitely for you! From services in the style of "Husband for an hour" to professional car tuning. From "turnkey" apartment renovation to equipment repair …

People will always buy material values, and these values ​​will always break. And everyone will always want to live in a clean and beautiful home, not to mention those unfortunate people who are not able to independently change the mixer in the bathroom or the outlet in the room.

Yes, and they pay a lot for it, by the way. And finding clients is as easy as shelling pears, starting from walking around the hands of friends and neighbors, and ending with pasting advertisements of all nearby landscapes.

Cooking. Frying pan and rolling pin masters who know the magic words to turn an ordinary stove and knife into fabulous helpers, allowing you to create amazingly tasty and beautiful food - this opportunity is for you!

Believe me, people will always want to eat. Nowadays, home baking of designer cakes is very popular - having mastered this, you will never sit around, and there is absolutely no need to rent a room and hire people. No, well, then, of course, yes ... But you can start small, and even so feel confident in the process financially.

By the way, the delivery of homemade meals to companies is also in great demand - by a couple of large pots and several pans and any office will sell its soul to the devil, just to contemplate you with trunks at lunchtime!

Agriculture. If you have your own piece of land, a greenhouse, and a shed with cattle, all this can be groomed and grown not only for yourself but also for sale.

By the way, even in city apartments on their own balconies, you can organize conditions, for example, for the production of seedlings, potted flowers, greenery, and more. The associated business is the rolling of blanks and their sale. Diverges, by the way, great.

In fact, to list all the options that come to mind when you first set yourself the task of finding a business idea, not only one article is not enough - perhaps even a week of continuous descriptions.

But, we would like to hope that what you happened to read here today will either provide you with concrete help or, at least, will inspire you to your own discoveries!

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