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Banana Yogurt, the Healthy Food Menu

If you want to become healthy, so you can consume the healthy food menu. There are many healthy menus that can you consume. One of them is milk. It contains protein, calcium, vitamin, fat and other contains that can make your body become healthy. Milk can be processed become yogurt, cheese, condensed milk, milk powder etc. All products can consume directly or mix with other food material such as fruits or mix to make cakes, desserts and other foods. All health food can consume everyday regularly.

"Banana Yogurt, the Healthy Food Menu"

There are many healthy foods that can you making to become health. One of them is Banana Yogurt. The main ingredients in this menu are yogurt. It is processed become a healthy food. This menu is suitable for you who has diet program. To making this menu, you need to prepare some ingredients such as:
  • 1 large banana that has cooked
  • 150 gram plain yogurt
  • some fruits such strawberry or cherry for topping.

If all ingredients are ready, you go to the next step namely the way to process it. For the first, you can prepare at least 12 prints of silicon cake, and then tidy on a baking sheet. Next step is peel the ripe banana and puree on a plate with fork. After the banana is smooth, you can put the banana into a bowl then mix with yogurt. Beat the both ingredients until well blended. The next step is put the banana yogurt cake dough into each mold by using a spoon. After the dough is split into the mold, you can sprinkle the topping with some fruits. Next insert the baking sheet with the poured mold into the freezer. Freeze it for several hours. After frozen perfectly, you can remove it from mold.

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